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Public Member Functions

 AccessibilityConfig (TQWidget *parent=0L, const char *name=0L, const TQStringList &foo=TQStringList())
virtual ~AccessibilityConfig ()
void load ()
void load (bool useDefaults)
void save ()
void defaults ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AccessibilityConfig::AccessibilityConfig ( TQWidget parent = 0L,
const char *  name = 0L,
const TQStringList &  foo = TQStringList() 


This function checks if the kaccess daemon needs to be run This function will be deprecated since the kaccess daemon will be part of kded

AccessibilityConfig::~AccessibilityConfig (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void AccessibilityConfig::defaults (  ) 

This function is called to set the settings in the module to sensible default values. It gets called when hitting the "Default" button. The default values should probably be the same as the ones the application uses when started without a config file.

void AccessibilityConfig::load (  ) 

This method is invoked whenever the module should read its configuration (most of the times from a config file) and update the user interface. This happens when the user clicks the "Reset" button in the control center, to undo all of his changes and restore the currently valid settings. NOTE that this is not called after the modules is loaded, so you probably want to call this method in the constructor.

void AccessibilityConfig::save (  ) 

This function gets called when the user wants to save the settings in the user interface, updating the config files or wherever the configuration is stored. The method is called when the user clicks "Apply" or "Ok".

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