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Public Member Functions

 ClockApplet (const TQString &configFile, Type t=Normal, int actions=0, TQWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
int widthForHeight (int h) const
int heightForWidth (int w) const
void preferences ()
void preferences (bool timezone)
int type ()
Orientation getOrientation ()
void resizeRequest ()
const Zonetimezones ()
TQTime clockGetTime ()
TQDate clockGetDate ()
virtual void updateKickerTip (KickerTip::Data &)
KTextShadowEngineshadowEngine ()

Protected Slots

void slotReconfigure ()
void slotUpdate ()
void slotCalendarDeleted ()
void slotEnableCalendar ()
void slotCopyMenuActivated (int id)
void contextMenuActivated (int result)
void aboutToShowContextMenu ()
void fixupLayout ()
void globalPaletteChange ()
void setTimerTo60 ()

Protected Member Functions

void toggleCalendar ()
void openContextMenu ()
void updateDateLabel (bool reLayout=true)
void showZone (int z)
void nextZone ()
void prevZone ()
void updateFollowBackground ()
void paletteChange (const TQPalette &)
void setBackground ()
void mousePressEvent (TQMouseEvent *ev)
void wheelEvent (TQWheelEvent *e)
bool eventFilter (TQObject *, TQEvent *)
virtual void positionChange (Position p)

Protected Attributes

TQCString configFileName
bool _disableCalendar
TQLabel * _date
TQLabel * _dayOfWeek
TQDate _lastDate
TQTimer * _timer
TQTimer * m_layoutTimer
int m_layoutDelay
bool m_followBackgroundSetting
bool m_dateFollowBackgroundSetting
int TZoffset
Prefs * _prefs
bool showDate
bool showDayOfWeek
bool m_updateOnTheMinute
TQStringList _remotezonelist
KPopupMenu * menu
ClockAppletToolTip m_tooltip


class ClockAppletToolTip

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