Desktop Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  WindowDrawMode { Plain = 0, Icon = 1, Pixmap = 2 }
enum  WindowTransparentMode { NoWindows = 0, MaximizedWindows = 1, AllWindows = 2 }

Public Slots

void backgroundLoaded (bool b)
void loadBgPixmap ()

Public Member Functions

 Desktop (int desk, TQString desktopName, TQWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
int id () const
bool isCurrent () const
virtual int deskX () const
virtual int deskY () const
virtual int deskWidth () const
virtual int deskHeight () const
void startDrag (const TQPoint &point)
void dragEnterEvent (TQDragEnterEvent *ev)
void dragMoveEvent (TQDragMoveEvent *)
void dropEvent (TQDropEvent *ev)
void convertRectS2P (TQRect &r)
void convertCoordP2S (int &x, int &y)
TQSize sizeHint () const
void paintFrame (bool active)

Static Public Member Functions

static void removeCachedPixmap (int nWin)

Public Attributes

bool m_grabWindows

Static Public Attributes

static const bool c_defShowName = false
static const bool c_defShowNumber = false
static const bool c_defShowBackground = true
static const bool c_defShowWindows = true
static const bool c_defWindowDragging = true
static const WindowDrawMode c_defWindowDrawMode = Desktop::Icon
static const WindowTransparentMode c_defWindowTransparentMode = Desktop::AllWindows

Protected Member Functions

void mousePressEvent (TQMouseEvent *ev)
void mouseMoveEvent (TQMouseEvent *ev)
void mouseReleaseEvent (TQMouseEvent *ev)
void paintEvent (TQPaintEvent *ev)
KWin::WindowInfo * windowAtPosition (const TQPoint &p, TQPoint *internalpos)
bool shouldPaintWindow (KWin::WindowInfo *info)
TQPixmap * paintNewWindow (const KWin::WindowInfo *info)
void paintWindow (TQPainter &p, const KWin::WindowInfo *info, bool onDesktop=true)
void paintWindowPlain (TQPainter &p, const KWin::WindowInfo *info, bool onDesktop=true)
void paintWindowIcon (TQPainter &p, const KWin::WindowInfo *info, bool onDesktop=true)
void paintWindowPixmap (TQPainter &p, const KWin::WindowInfo *info, bool onDesktop=true)

Protected Attributes

int m_desk
TQString m_name
KSharedPixmap * m_bgPixmap
bool m_bgDirty
TQPixmap * m_bgSmallPixmap
WindowTransparentMode m_transparentMode

Static Protected Attributes

static TQPixmap * m_bgCommonSmallPixmap = 0L
static bool m_isCommon = false
static TQIntDict< TQPixmap > m_windowPixmaps
static TQMap< int, bool > m_windowPixmapsDirty

Member Function Documentation

void Desktop::mouseReleaseEvent ( TQMouseEvent *  ev  )  [protected]

Note that mouseReleaseEvent is not called when releasing the mouse to drop a window in this desktop

void Desktop::paintFrame ( bool  active  ) 

active is a bool that specifies if the frame is the active one or not (so that it's painted highlighted or not)

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