FileTypeDetails Class Reference

#include <filetypedetails.h>

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void embedMajor (const TQString &major, bool &embed)
void changed (bool)

Public Member Functions

 FileTypeDetails (TQWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void setTypeItem (TypesListItem *item)

Protected Slots

void updateIcon (TQString icon)
void updateDescription (const TQString &desc)
void addExtension ()
void removeExtension ()
void enableExtButtons (int index)
void slotAutoEmbedClicked (int button)
void slotAskSaveToggled (bool)

Protected Member Functions

void updateRemoveButton ()
void updateAskSave ()

Detailed Description

This widget contains the right part of the file type configuration dialog, that shows the details for a file type. It is implemented as a separate class so that it can be used by the keditfiletype program to show the details of a single mimetype.

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