FileTypesView Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 FileTypesView (TQWidget *p=0, const char *name=0)
void load ()
void save ()
void defaults ()

Protected Slots

void init ()
void addType ()
void removeType ()
void updateDisplay (TQListViewItem *)
void slotDoubleClicked (TQListViewItem *)
void slotFilter (const TQString &patternFilter)
void setDirty (bool state)
void slotDatabaseChanged ()
void slotEmbedMajor (const TQString &major, bool &embed)

Protected Member Functions

void readFileTypes ()
bool sync (TQValueList< TypesListItem * > &itemsModified)

Member Function Documentation

void FileTypesView::init (  )  [protected, slot]

fill in the various graphical elements, set up other stuff.

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