KAccelActions Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 KAccelActions (const KAccelActions &)
void clear ()
bool init (const KAccelActions &)
bool init (KConfigBase &config, const TQString &sGroup)
void updateShortcuts (KAccelActions &)
int actionIndex (const TQString &sAction) const
KAccelActionactionPtr (uint)
const KAccelActionactionPtr (uint) const
KAccelActionactionPtr (const TQString &sAction)
const KAccelActionactionPtr (const TQString &sAction) const
KAccelActionactionPtr (KKeySequence cut)
KAccelActionoperator[] (uint)
const KAccelActionoperator[] (uint) const
KAccelActioninsert (const TQString &sAction, const TQString &sLabel, const TQString &sWhatsThis, const KShortcut &rgCutDefaults3, const KShortcut &rgCutDefaults4, const TQObject *pObjSlot=0, const char *psMethodSlot=0, bool bConfigurable=true, bool bEnabled=true)
KAccelActioninsert (const TQString &sName, const TQString &sLabel)
bool remove (const TQString &sAction)
bool readActions (const TQString &sConfigGroup="Shortcuts", KConfigBase *pConfig=0)
bool writeActions (const TQString &sConfigGroup="Shortcuts", KConfigBase *pConfig=0, bool bWriteAll=false, bool bGlobal=false) const
void emitKeycodeChanged ()
uint count () const

Protected Member Functions

void resize (uint)
void insertPtr (KAccelAction *)

Protected Attributes

KAccelBase * m_pKAccelBase
KAccelAction ** m_prgActions
uint m_nSizeAllocated
uint m_nSize


class KAccelBase

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