KEBListViewItem Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  PaintStyle { GreyStyle, BoldStyle, GreyBoldStyle, DefaultStyle }

Public Member Functions

 KEBListViewItem (TQListView *, const KBookmarkGroup &)
 KEBListViewItem (KEBListViewItem *, TQListViewItem *)
 KEBListViewItem (KEBListViewItem *, TQListViewItem *, const KBookmarkGroup &)
 KEBListViewItem (KEBListViewItem *, const KBookmark &)
 KEBListViewItem (KEBListViewItem *, TQListViewItem *, const KBookmark &)
 KEBListViewItem (TQListView *, const KBookmark &)
 KEBListViewItem (TQListView *, TQListViewItem *, const KBookmark &)
void nsPut (const TQString &nm)
void modUpdate ()
void setOldStatus (const TQString &)
void setTmpStatus (const TQString &)
void restoreStatus ()
void paintCell (TQPainter *p, const TQColorGroup &cg, int column, int width, int alignment)
void setSelected (bool s)
virtual void setOpen (bool)
bool isEmptyFolderPadder () const
const KBookmark bookmark () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool parentSelected (TQListViewItem *item)

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