KHC::DocEntry Class Reference

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Public Types

typedef TQValueList< DocEntry * > List

Public Member Functions

 DocEntry (const TQString &name, const TQString &url=TQString::null, const TQString &icon=TQString::null)
void setName (const TQString &)
TQString name () const
void setSearch (const TQString &)
TQString search () const
void setIcon (const TQString &)
TQString icon () const
void setUrl (const TQString &)
TQString url () const
void setInfo (const TQString &)
TQString info () const
void setLang (const TQString &)
TQString lang () const
void setIdentifier (const TQString &)
TQString identifier () const
void setIndexer (const TQString &)
TQString indexer () const
void setIndexTestFile (const TQString &)
TQString indexTestFile () const
void setWeight (int)
int weight () const
void setSearchMethod (const TQString &)
TQString searchMethod () const
void enableSearch (bool enabled)
bool searchEnabled () const
void setSearchEnabledDefault (bool enabled)
bool searchEnabledDefault () const
void setDocumentType (const TQString &)
TQString documentType () const
void setDirectory (bool)
bool isDirectory () const
bool readFromFile (const TQString &fileName)
bool indexExists (const TQString &indexDir)
bool docExists () const
void addChild (DocEntry *)
bool hasChildren ()
DocEntryfirstChild ()
List children ()
void setParent (DocEntry *)
DocEntryparent ()
void setNextSibling (DocEntry *)
DocEntrynextSibling ()
TQString khelpcenterSpecial () const
bool isSearchable ()
void dump () const

Protected Member Functions

void init ()

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