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Public Types

enum  Operation { And, Or }


void searchFinished ()

Public Member Functions

 SearchEngine (View *)
bool initSearchHandlers ()
bool search (TQString words, TQString method="and", int matches=5, TQString scope="")
Formatterformatter () const
Viewview () const
TQString substituteSearchQuery (const TQString &query)
void finishSearch ()
void logError (DocEntry *entry, const TQString &msg)
TQString errorLog () const
bool isRunning () const
SearchHandlerhandler (const TQString &documentType) const
TQStringList words () const
int maxResults () const
Operation operation () const
bool canSearch (DocEntry *)
bool needsIndex (DocEntry *)

Static Public Member Functions

static TQString substituteSearchQuery (const TQString &query, const TQString &identifier, const TQStringList &words, int maxResults, Operation operation, const TQString &lang)

Protected Slots

void searchStdout (KProcess *proc, char *buffer, int buflen)
void searchStderr (KProcess *proc, char *buffer, int buflen)
void searchExited (KProcess *proc)

Protected Member Functions

void processSearchQueue ()

Member Function Documentation

TQString KHC::SearchEngine::errorLog (  )  const

Return error log.

void KHC::SearchEngine::logError ( DocEntry entry,
const TQString &  msg 

Append error message to error log.

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