KHotKeys::Action_data_base Class Reference

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KHotKeys::Action_data KHotKeys::Action_data_group KHotKeys::Generic_action_data KHotKeys::Keyboard_input_gesture_action_data KHotKeys::Simple_action_data< T, A > KHotKeys::Simple_action_data< Shortcut_trigger, Command_url_action > KHotKeys::Simple_action_data< Shortcut_trigger, Menuentry_action > KHotKeys::Command_url_shortcut_action_data KHotKeys::Menuentry_shortcut_action_data

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Public Member Functions

 Action_data_base (Action_data_group *parent_P, const TQString &name_P, const TQString &comment_P, Condition_list *condition_P, bool enabled_P)
 Action_data_base (KConfig &cfg_P, Action_data_group *parent_P)
virtual void cfg_write (KConfig &cfg_P) const =0
const Condition_listconditions () const
Action_data_groupparent () const
void reparent (Action_data_group *new_parent_P)
virtual void update_triggers ()=0
bool conditions_match () const
const TQString & name () const
void set_name (const TQString &name_P)
const TQString & comment () const
bool enabled (bool ignore_group_P) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Action_data_basecreate_cfg_read (KConfig &cfg_P, Action_data_group *parent_P)
static bool cfg_is_enabled (KConfig &cfg_P)

Protected Member Functions

void set_conditions (Condition_list *conditions_P)

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