KHotKeys::Windows Class Reference

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void window_added (WId window_P)
void window_removed (WId window_P)
void active_window_changed (WId window_P)
void window_changed (WId window_P)
void window_changed (WId window_P, unsigned int flags_P)

Public Member Functions

 Windows (bool enable_signals_P, TQObject *parent_P)
TQString get_window_class (WId id_P)
TQString get_window_role (WId id_P)
WId active_window ()
void set_action_window (WId window)
WId action_window ()
WId find_window (const Windowdef_list *window_P)

Static Public Member Functions

static WId window_at_position (int x, int y)
static void activate_window (WId id_P)

Protected Slots

void window_added_slot (WId window_P)
void window_removed_slot (WId window_P)
void active_window_changed_slot (WId window_P)
void window_changed_slot (WId window_P)
void window_changed_slot (WId window_P, unsigned int flags_P)

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