KPluginOptions Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 KPluginOptions (KConfig *config, TQString group, TQWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
virtual void load ()
virtual void load (bool useDefaults)
virtual void save ()
virtual void defaults ()
TQString quickHelp () const

Protected Slots

void progress (KProcIO *)
void updatePLabel (int)
void change ()
void change (bool c)
void scan ()
void scanDone ()
void dirNew ()
void dirRemove ()
void dirUp ()
void dirDown ()
void dirEdited (const TQString &)
void dirSelect (TQListBoxItem *)

Protected Member Functions

void dirInit ()
void dirLoad (KConfig *config, bool useDefault=false)
void dirSave (KConfig *config)
void pluginInit ()
void pluginLoad (KConfig *config)
void pluginSave (KConfig *config)


class PluginDomainListView

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