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Public Member Functions

 KateMainWindow (KConfig *sconfig, const TQString &sgroup)
 ~KateMainWindow ()
Kate::MainWindowmainWindow ()
Kate::ToolViewManagertoolViewManager ()
KateViewManagerviewManager ()
DCOPObject * dcopObject ()
KURL activeDocumentUrl ()
uint mainWindowNumber () const
bool showModOnDiskPrompt ()
KateTabWidgettabWidget ()
void readProperties (KConfig *config)
void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
void saveGlobalProperties (KConfig *sessionConfig)
bool queryClose_internal ()
void openURL (const TQString &name=0L)

Protected Member Functions

bool event (TQEvent *)


class KateConfigDialog
class KateViewManager

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KateMainWindow::KateMainWindow ( KConfig *  sconfig,
const TQString &  sgroup 

Construct the window and restore it's state from given config if any

sconfig session config for this window, 0 if none
sgroup session config group to use
KateMainWindow::~KateMainWindow (  ) 

Destruct the nice window

Member Function Documentation

KURL KateMainWindow::activeDocumentUrl (  ) 

various methodes to get some little info out of this Returns the URL of the current document. anders: I add this for use from the file selector.

Kate::MainWindow* KateMainWindow::mainWindow (  )  [inline]

Accessor methodes for interface and child objects

bool KateMainWindow::showModOnDiskPrompt (  ) 

Prompts the user for what to do with files that are modified on disk if any. This is optionally run when the window receives focus, and when the last window is closed.

true if no documents are modified on disk, or all documents were handled by the dialog; otherwise (the dialog was canceled) false.
KateTabWidget * KateMainWindow::tabWidget (  ) 

central tabwidget ;)

tab widget

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