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class  KonqDirPartPrivate

Public Slots

bool openURL (const KURL &)
void slotFindClosed ()
void slotStartAnimationSearching ()
void slotStopAnimationSearching ()
void slotBackgroundSettings ()
void slotClipboardDataChanged ()
void slotIncIconSize ()
void slotDecIconSize ()
void slotIconSizeToggled (bool)
virtual void slotStarted ()=0
virtual void slotCanceled ()=0
virtual void slotCompleted ()=0
virtual void slotNewItems (const KFileItemList &)=0
virtual void slotDeleteItem (KFileItem *)=0
virtual void slotRefreshItems (const KFileItemList &)=0
virtual void slotClear ()=0
virtual void slotRedirection (const KURL &)=0


void aboutToOpenURL ()
void findOpen (KonqDirPart *)
void findOpened (KonqDirPart *)
void findClosed (KonqDirPart *)
void itemsAdded (const KFileItemList &)
void itemRemoved (const KFileItem *)
void itemsFilteredByMime (const KFileItemList &)

Public Member Functions

 KonqDirPart (TQObject *parent, const char *name)
void setBrowserExtension (KonqDirPartBrowserExtension *extension)
KonqDirPartBrowserExtensionextension ()
void setDirLister (KDirLister *lister)
TQScrollView * scrollWidget ()
virtual void saveState (TQDataStream &stream)
virtual void restoreState (TQDataStream &stream)
void lmbClicked (KFileItem *fileItem)
void mmbClicked (KFileItem *fileItem)
void setNameFilter (const TQString &nameFilter)
TQString nameFilter () const
void setFilesToSelect (const TQStringList &filesToSelect)
void setMimeFilter (const TQStringList &filters)
TQStringList mimeFilter () const
KonqPropsViewprops () const
virtual void disableIcons (const KURL::List &lst)=0
void resetCount ()
void newItems (const KFileItemList &entries)
void deleteItem (KFileItem *fileItem)
void emitTotalCount ()
void emitCounts (const KFileItemList &lst, bool selectionChanged)
void emitCounts (const KFileItemList &lst)
void emitMouseOver (const KFileItem *item)
void updatePasteAction ()
virtual void newIconSize (int size)
void setIconSize (int size)
void setFindPart (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *part)
KParts::ReadOnlyPart * findPart () const
virtual const KFileItem * currentItem ()=0
virtual KFileItemList selectedFileItems ()
bool closeURL ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool doOpenURL (const KURL &)=0
virtual bool doCloseURL ()=0

Protected Attributes

TQString m_nameFilter
TQStringList m_filesToSelect
KAction * m_paIncIconSize
KAction * m_paDecIconSize
KToggleAction * m_paDefaultIcons
KToggleAction * m_paHugeIcons
KToggleAction * m_paLargeIcons
KToggleAction * m_paMediumIcons
KToggleAction * m_paSmallIcons
KParts::ReadOnlyPart * m_findPart
int m_iIconSize [5]
KIO::filesize_t m_lDirSize
uint m_lFileCount
uint m_lDirCount


class KonqDirPartBrowserExtension

Member Function Documentation

void KonqDirPart::aboutToOpenURL (  )  [signal]

Emitted whenever the current URL is about to be changed.

bool KonqDirPart::closeURL (  ) 

Re-implemented for internal reasons. API is unaffected. All inheriting classes should re-implement doCloseURL() instead instead of this one.

void KonqDirPart::deleteItem ( KFileItem *  fileItem  ) 

Update the counts with this item being deleted

Reimplemented in KFindPart.

virtual void KonqDirPart::disableIcons ( const KURL::List &  lst  )  [pure virtual]

"Cut" icons : disable those whose URL is in lst, enable the others

Implemented in KFindPart, KonqKfmIconView, and KonqListView.

virtual bool KonqDirPart::doOpenURL ( const KURL &   )  [protected, pure virtual]

Invoked from openURL to enable childern classes to handle open URL requests.

Implemented in KFindPart, KonqKfmIconView, and KonqListView.

void KonqDirPart::emitCounts ( const KFileItemList &  lst  ) 

Show the counts for the list of items in the status bar. The list can be empty.

lst the list of fileitems for which to display the counts
void KonqDirPart::emitCounts ( const KFileItemList &  lst,
bool  selectionChanged 

Show the counts for the list of items in the status bar. If none are provided emitTotalCount() is called to display the counts for the whole directory. However, that does not work for a treeview.

void KonqDirPart::emitTotalCount (  ) 

Show the counts for the directory in the status bar

void KonqDirPart::findClosed ( KonqDirPart  )  [signal]

We emit this to ask konq to close the find part

void KonqDirPart::findOpen ( KonqDirPart  )  [signal]

We emit this if we want a find part to be created for us. This happens when restoring from history

void KonqDirPart::findOpened ( KonqDirPart  )  [signal]

We emit this _after_ a find part has been created for us. This also happens initially.

void KonqDirPart::itemRemoved ( const KFileItem *   )  [signal]

Emitted as the part is updated with these items. Useful for informing plugins of changes in view.

void KonqDirPart::itemsAdded ( const KFileItemList &   )  [signal]

Emitted as the part is updated with new items. Useful for informing plugins of changes in view.

void KonqDirPart::itemsFilteredByMime ( const KFileItemList &   )  [signal]

Emitted with the list of filtered-out items whenever a mime-based filter(s) is set.

void KonqDirPart::lmbClicked ( KFileItem *  fileItem  ) 

Called when LMB'ing an item in a directory view.

fileItem must be set
widget is only set as parent pointer for dialog boxes
TQStringList KonqDirPart::mimeFilter (  )  const

Completely clears the internally stored list of mime filters set by call to setMimeFilter.

void KonqDirPart::mmbClicked ( KFileItem *  fileItem  ) 

Called when MMB'ing an item in a directory view.

fileItem if 0 it means we MMB'ed the background.
void KonqDirPart::newIconSize ( int  size  )  [virtual]

Change the icon size of the view. The view should call it initially. The view should also reimplement it, to update the icons.

Reimplemented in KonqKfmIconView, and KonqListView.

void KonqDirPart::newItems ( const KFileItemList &  entries  ) 

Update the counts for those new items

Reimplemented in KFindPart.

bool KonqDirPart::openURL ( const KURL &  url  )  [slot]

Re-implemented for internal reasons. API is unaffected. All inheriting classes should re-implement doOpenURL() instead instead of this one.

void KonqDirPart::resetCount (  ) 

This class takes care of the counting of items, size etc. in the current directory. Call this in slotClear.

void KonqDirPart::setBrowserExtension ( KonqDirPartBrowserExtension extension  )  [inline]

The derived part should call this in its constructor

void KonqDirPart::setDirLister ( KDirLister *  lister  ) 

The derived part should call this in its constructor

void KonqDirPart::setFindPart ( KParts::ReadOnlyPart *  part  ) 

This is called by konqueror itself, when the "find" functionality is activated

void KonqDirPart::setIconSize ( int  size  ) 

This is called by the actions that change the icon size. It stores the new size and calls newIconSize.

void KonqDirPart::setMimeFilter ( const TQStringList &  filters  ) 

Sets per directory mime-type based filtering.

This method causes only the items matching the mime-type given by filters to be displayed. You can supply multiple mime-types by separating them with a space, eg. "text/plain image/x-png". To clear all the filters set for the current url simply call this function with a null or empty argument.

NOTE: the filter(s) specified here only apply to the current directory as returned by url().

filter mime-type(s) to filter directory by.
void KonqDirPart::slotClipboardDataChanged (  )  [slot]

Called when the clipboard's data changes, to update the 'cut' icons Call this when the directory's listing is finished, to draw icons as cut.

void KonqDirPart::slotFindClosed (  )  [slot]

This is called either by the part's close button, or by the dir part itself, if entering a directory. It deletes the find part.

void KonqDirPart::slotStartAnimationSearching (  )  [slot]

Start the animated "K" during kfindpart's file search

void KonqDirPart::slotStopAnimationSearching (  )  [slot]

Start the animated "K" during kfindpart's file search

void KonqDirPart::updatePasteAction (  ) 

Enables or disables the paste action. This depends both on the data in the clipboard and the number of files selected (pasting is only possible if not more than one file is selected).

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