KonqInfoListViewWidget Class Reference

#include <konq_infolistviewwidget.h>

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struct  KonqILVMimeType

Public Member Functions

 KonqInfoListViewWidget (KonqListView *parent, TQWidget *parentWidget)
const TQStringList columnKeys ()
virtual bool openURL (const KURL &url)

Protected Slots

virtual void slotNewItems (const KFileItemList &)
virtual void slotRefreshItems (const KFileItemList &)
virtual void slotDeleteItem (KFileItem *)
virtual void slotClear ()
virtual void slotSelectMimeType ()
void slotMetaInfo (const KFileItem *)
void slotMetaInfoResult ()

Protected Member Functions

void determineCounts (const KFileItemList &list)
void rebuildView ()
virtual void createColumns ()
void createFavoriteColumns ()

Protected Attributes

TQMap< TQString, KonqILVMimeTypem_counts
TQStringList m_columnKeys
KonqILVMimeType m_favorite
KSelectAction * m_mtSelector
KIO::MetaInfoJob * m_metaInfoJob
KFileItemList m_metaInfoTodo

Detailed Description

The info list view

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