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KonqFrameContainerBase KonqFrameBase

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Public Types

enum  ComboAction { ComboClear, ComboAdd, ComboRemove }
enum  PageSecurity { NotCrypted, Encrypted, Mixed }
typedef TQMap
< KParts::ReadOnlyPart
*, KonqView * > 

Public Slots

void slotCtrlTabPressed ()
void slotFillContextMenu (const KBookmark &, TQPopupMenu *)
void slotOpenBookmarkURL (const TQString &url, Qt::ButtonState state)
void slotPopupMenu (const TQPoint &_global, const KURL &_url, const TQString &_mimeType, mode_t mode)
void slotPopupMenu (KXMLGUIClient *client, const TQPoint &_global, const KURL &_url, const TQString &_mimeType, mode_t mode)
void slotPopupMenu (KXMLGUIClient *client, const TQPoint &_global, const KURL &_url, const KParts::URLArgs &_args, KParts::BrowserExtension::PopupFlags f, mode_t mode)
void slotPopupMenu (const TQPoint &_global, const KFileItemList &_items)
void slotPopupMenu (KXMLGUIClient *client, const TQPoint &_global, const KFileItemList &_items)
void slotPopupMenu (KXMLGUIClient *client, const TQPoint &_global, const KFileItemList &_items, const KParts::URLArgs &_args, KParts::BrowserExtension::PopupFlags _flags)
void slotPopupMenu (KXMLGUIClient *client, const TQPoint &_global, const KFileItemList &_items, const KParts::URLArgs &_args, KParts::BrowserExtension::PopupFlags f, bool showProperties)
void slotOpenURLRequest (const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args)
void openURL (KonqView *childView, const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args)
void slotCreateNewWindow (const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args)
void slotCreateNewWindow (const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args, const KParts::WindowArgs &windowArgs, KParts::ReadOnlyPart *&part)
void slotNewWindow ()
void slotDuplicateWindow ()
void slotSendURL ()
void slotSendFile ()
void slotCopyFiles ()
void slotMoveFiles ()
void slotNewDir ()
void slotOpenTerminal ()
void slotOpenLocation ()
void slotToolFind ()
void slotViewModeToggle (bool toggle)
void slotShowHTML ()
void slotLockView ()
void slotLinkView ()
void slotReload (KonqView *view=0L)
void slotStop ()
void slotReloadStop ()
void slotUp ()
void slotUp (KAction::ActivationReason, Qt::ButtonState state)
void slotUpDelayed ()
void slotBack ()
void slotBack (KAction::ActivationReason, Qt::ButtonState state)
void slotForward ()
void slotForward (KAction::ActivationReason, Qt::ButtonState state)
void slotHome ()
void slotHome (KAction::ActivationReason, Qt::ButtonState state)
void slotGoSystem ()
void slotGoApplications ()
void slotGoMedia ()
void slotGoNetworkFolders ()
void slotGoSettings ()
void slotGoDirTree ()
void slotGoTrash ()
void slotGoAutostart ()
void slotGoHistory ()
void slotConfigure ()
void slotConfigureToolbars ()
void slotConfigureExtensions ()
void slotConfigureSpellChecking ()
void slotNewToolbarConfig ()
void slotUndoAvailable (bool avail)
void slotPartChanged (KonqView *childView, KParts::ReadOnlyPart *oldPart, KParts::ReadOnlyPart *newPart)
void slotRunFinished ()
void slotClearLocationBar (KAction::ActivationReason reason, Qt::ButtonState state)
virtual void slotSetStatusBarText (const TQString &text)
void slotPartActivated (KParts::Part *part)
virtual void setIcon (const TQPixmap &)
void slotGoHistoryActivated (int steps)
void slotGoHistoryActivated (int steps, Qt::ButtonState state)
void slotAddTab ()
void slotSplitViewHorizontal ()
void slotSplitViewVertical ()


void viewAdded (KonqView *view)
void viewRemoved (KonqView *view)
void popupItemsDisturbed ()

Public Member Functions

 KonqMainWindow (const KURL &initialURL=KURL(), bool openInitialURL=true, const char *name=0, const TQString &xmluiFile="konqueror.rc")
void openFilteredURL (const TQString &_url, KonqOpenURLRequest &_req)
void openFilteredURL (const TQString &_url, bool inNewTab=false, bool tempFile=false)
void openURL (KonqView *view, const KURL &url, const TQString &serviceType=TQString::null, KonqOpenURLRequest &req=KonqOpenURLRequest::null, bool trustedSource=false)
bool openView (TQString serviceType, const KURL &_url, KonqView *childView, KonqOpenURLRequest &req=KonqOpenURLRequest::null)
void abortLoading ()
void openMultiURL (KURL::List url)
KonqViewManagerviewManager () const
TQWidgetmainWidget () const
virtual TQWidgetcreateContainer (TQWidget *parent, int index, const TQDomElement &element, int &id)
virtual void removeContainer (TQWidget *container, TQWidget *parent, TQDomElement &element, int id)
virtual void saveProperties (KConfig *config)
virtual void readProperties (KConfig *config)
void setInitialFrameName (const TQString &name)
KonqMainWindowIfacedcopObject ()
void reparseConfiguration ()
void insertChildView (KonqView *childView)
void removeChildView (KonqView *childView)
KonqViewchildView (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *view)
KonqViewchildView (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *callingPart, const TQString &name, KParts::BrowserHostExtension **hostExtension, KParts::ReadOnlyPart **part)
int viewCount () const
int activeViewsCount () const
int linkableViewsCount () const
int mainViewsCount () const
const MapViews & viewMap () const
KonqViewcurrentView () const
KParts::ReadOnlyPart * currentPart () const
KURL::List currentURLs () const
KonqViewotherView (KonqView *view) const
virtual void customEvent (TQCustomEvent *event)
virtual void setCaption (const TQString &caption)
 Overloaded of KMainWindow.
virtual void show ()
void setLocationBarURL (const TQString &url)
void setLocationBarURL (const KURL &url)
TQString locationBarURL () const
void focusLocationBar ()
void setPageSecurity (PageSecurity)
void enableAllActions (bool enable)
void disableActionsNoView ()
void updateToolBarActions (bool pendingActions=false)
void updateOpenWithActions ()
void updateViewModeActions ()
void updateViewActions ()
bool sidebarVisible () const
void setShowHTML (bool b)
void showHTML (KonqView *view, bool b, bool _activateView)
bool fullScreenMode () const
KToggleAction * linkViewAction () const
void enableAction (const char *name, bool enabled)
void setActionText (const char *name, const TQString &text)
bool isHTMLAllowed () const
bool saveViewPropertiesLocally () const
void viewCountChanged ()
void currentProfileChanged ()
void dumpViewList ()
void insertChildFrame (KonqFrameBase *frame, int index=-1)
void removeChildFrame (KonqFrameBase *frame)
void saveConfig (KConfig *config, const TQString &prefix, bool saveURLs, KonqFrameBase *docContainer, int id=0, int depth=0)
void copyHistory (KonqFrameBase *other)
void printFrameInfo (const TQString &spaces)
void reparentFrame (TQWidget *parent, const TQPoint &p, bool showIt=FALSE)
KonqFrameContainerBaseparentContainer () const
void setParentContainer (KonqFrameContainerBase *parent)
void setTitle (const TQString &title, TQWidget *sender)
void setTabIcon (const KURL &url, TQWidget *sender)
TQWidgetwidget ()
void listViews (ChildViewList *viewList)
TQCString frameType ()
KonqFrameBasechildFrame () const
void setActiveChild (KonqFrameBase *activeChild)
KonqFrameBaseworkingTab () const
void setWorkingTab (KonqFrameBase *tab)
void resetWindow ()
void toggleReloadStopButton (bool isStop)
TQString currentTitle () const
TQString currentURL () const
TQString currentProfile () const
TQStringList configModules () const
void saveWindowSize () const
void restoreWindowSize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static KonqViewfindChildView (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *callingPart, const TQString &name, KonqMainWindow **mainWindow, KParts::BrowserHostExtension **hostExtension, KParts::ReadOnlyPart **part)
static TQPtrList
< KonqMainWindow > * 
mainWindowList ()
static void comboAction (int action, const TQString &url, const TQCString &objId)
static bool isMimeTypeAssociatedWithSelf (const TQString &mimeType)
static bool isMimeTypeAssociatedWithSelf (const TQString &mimeType, const KService::Ptr &offer)
static void setPreloadedFlag (bool preloaded)
static bool isPreloaded ()
static void setPreloadedWindow (KonqMainWindow *)
static KonqMainWindowpreloadedWindow ()

Static Public Attributes

static TQFile * s_crashlog_file = 0

Protected Slots

void slotViewCompleted (KonqView *view)
void slotURLEntered (const TQString &text, int)
void slotFileNewAboutToShow ()
void slotLocationLabelActivated ()
void slotDuplicateTab ()
void slotDuplicateTabPopup ()
void slotBreakOffTab ()
void slotBreakOffTabPopup ()
void slotBreakOffTabPopupDelayed ()
void slotPopupNewWindow ()
void slotPopupThisWindow ()
void slotPopupNewTab ()
void slotPopupNewTabRight ()
void slotPopupPasteTo ()
void slotRemoveView ()
void slotRemoveOtherTabsPopup ()
void slotRemoveOtherTabsPopupDelayed ()
void slotReloadPopup ()
void slotReloadAllTabs ()
void slotRemoveTab ()
void slotRemoveTabPopup ()
void slotRemoveTabPopupDelayed ()
void slotActivateNextTab ()
void slotActivatePrevTab ()
void slotActivateTab ()
void slotDumpDebugInfo ()
void slotSaveViewProfile ()
void slotSaveViewPropertiesLocally ()
void slotRemoveLocalProperties ()
void slotOpenEmbedded ()
void slotOpenEmbeddedDoIt ()
void slotDatabaseChanged ()
void slotReconfigure ()
void slotForceSaveMainWindowSettings ()
void slotOpenWith ()
void slotGoMenuAboutToShow ()
void slotUpAboutToShow ()
void slotBackAboutToShow ()
void slotForwardAboutToShow ()
void slotUpActivated (int id)
void slotBackActivated (int id)
void slotForwardActivated (int id)
void slotGoHistoryDelayed ()
void slotCompletionModeChanged (KGlobalSettings::Completion)
void slotMakeCompletion (const TQString &)
void slotSubstringcompletion (const TQString &)
void slotRotation (KCompletionBase::KeyBindingType)
void slotMatch (const TQString &)
void slotClearHistory ()
void slotClearComboHistory ()
void slotClipboardDataChanged ()
void slotCheckComboSelection ()
void slotShowMenuBar ()
void slotOpenURL (const KURL &)
void slotActionStatusText (const TQString &text)
void slotClearStatusText ()
void slotFindOpen (KonqDirPart *dirPart)
void slotFindClosed (KonqDirPart *dirPart)
void slotIconsChanged ()
virtual bool event (TQEvent *)
void slotMoveTabLeft ()
void slotMoveTabRight ()
void slotAddWebSideBar (const KURL &url, const TQString &name)
void slotUpdateFullScreen (bool set)

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool eventFilter (TQObject *obj, TQEvent *ev)
void fillHistoryPopup (TQPopupMenu *menu, const TQPtrList< HistoryEntry > &history)
bool makeViewsFollow (const KURL &url, const KParts::URLArgs &args, const TQString &serviceType, KonqView *senderView)
void applyKonqMainWindowSettings ()
void saveToolBarServicesMap ()
void viewsChanged ()
void updateLocalPropsActions ()
virtual void closeEvent (TQCloseEvent *)
virtual bool queryExit ()
bool askForTarget (const TQString &text, KURL &url)


int viewCount
int activeViewsCount
int linkableViewsCount
TQString locationBarURL
bool fullScreenMode
TQString currentTitle
TQString currentURL
bool isHTMLAllowed
TQString currentProfile

Member Function Documentation

KParts::ReadOnlyPart * KonqMainWindow::currentPart (  )  const

### This is currently unused. Check in the final version (!) if still unused.

KURL::List KonqMainWindow::currentURLs (  )  const

URL of current part, or URLs of selected items for directory views

void KonqMainWindow::insertChildFrame ( KonqFrameBase frame,
int  index = -1 
) [virtual]

Call this after inserting a new frame into the splitter.

Implements KonqFrameContainerBase.

bool KonqMainWindow::isHTMLAllowed (  )  const [inline]

The default settings "allow HTML" - the one used when creating a new view Might not match the current view !

KToggleAction* KonqMainWindow::linkViewAction (  )  const [inline]
the "link view" action, for checking/unchecking from KonqView
TQString KonqMainWindow::locationBarURL (  )  const

Return URL displayed in the location bar - for KonqViewManager

void KonqMainWindow::openFilteredURL ( const TQString &  _url,
bool  inNewTab = false,
bool  tempFile = false 

Filters the URL and calls the main openURL method.

void KonqMainWindow::openFilteredURL ( const TQString &  _url,
KonqOpenURLRequest _req 

Filters the URL and calls the main openURL method.

void KonqMainWindow::openURL ( KonqView view,
const KURL &  url,
const TQString &  serviceType = TQString::null,
KonqOpenURLRequest req = KonqOpenURLRequest::null,
bool  trustedSource = false 

The main openURL method.

bool KonqMainWindow::openView ( TQString  serviceType,
const KURL &  _url,
KonqView childView,
KonqOpenURLRequest req = KonqOpenURLRequest::null 

Called by openURL when it knows the service type (either directly, or using KonqRun)

void KonqMainWindow::removeChildFrame ( KonqFrameBase frame  )  [virtual]

Call this before deleting one of our children.

Implements KonqFrameContainerBase.

void KonqMainWindow::setLocationBarURL ( const KURL &  url  ) 

Overload for convenience

void KonqMainWindow::setLocationBarURL ( const TQString &  url  ) 

Change URL displayed in the location bar

void KonqMainWindow::setPageSecurity ( PageSecurity  pageSecurity  ) 

Set page security related to current view

void KonqMainWindow::show (  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented for internal reasons. The API is not affected.

void KonqMainWindow::slotOpenURLRequest ( const KURL &  url,
const KParts::URLArgs &  args 
) [slot]

__NEEEEVER__ call this method directly. It relies on sender() (the part)

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