KonqMainWindowIface Class Reference

#include <KonqMainWindowIface.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KonqMainWindowIface (KonqMainWindow *mainWindow)
virtual QCStringList functionsDynamic ()
virtual bool processDynamic (const TQCString &fun, const TQByteArray &data, TQCString &replyType, TQByteArray &replyData)

Detailed Description

DCOP interface for a konqueror main window

Member Function Documentation

DCOPRef KonqMainWindowIface::currentPart (  ) 
reference to the current part
DCOPRef KonqMainWindowIface::currentView (  ) 
reference to the current KonqView
void KonqMainWindowIface::reload (  ) 

Reloads the current view.

bool KonqMainWindowIface::windowCanBeUsedForTab (  ) 

Used by kfmclient when searching a window to open a tab within

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