KonqRun Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 KonqRun (KonqMainWindow *mainWindow, KonqView *childView, const KURL &url, const KonqOpenURLRequest &req=KonqOpenURLRequest(), bool trustedSource=false)
bool foundMimeType () const
KonqViewchildView () const
const TQString & typedURL () const
KURL mailtoURL () const

Protected Slots

void slotRedirection (KIO::Job *, const KURL &)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void foundMimeType (const TQString &_type)
virtual void handleError (KIO::Job *job)
virtual void init ()
virtual void scanFile ()

Protected Attributes

TQGuardedPtr< KonqMainWindowm_pMainWindow
TQGuardedPtr< KonqViewm_pView
bool m_bFoundMimeType
KonqOpenURLRequest m_req
KURL m_mailto

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KonqRun::KonqRun ( KonqMainWindow mainWindow,
KonqView childView,
const KURL &  url,
const KonqOpenURLRequest req = KonqOpenURLRequest(),
bool  trustedSource = false 

Create a KonqRun instance, associated to the main view and an optionnal child view.

Member Function Documentation

bool KonqRun::foundMimeType (  )  const [inline]

Returns true if we found the servicetype for the given url.

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