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Public Slots

void setLocationBarURL (const TQString &locationBarURL)
void setIconURL (const KURL &iconURL)
void setTabIcon (const KURL &url)
void setCaption (const TQString &caption)
void setPageSecurity (int)
void slotInfoMessage (KIO::Job *, const TQString &msg)


void sigPartChanged (KonqView *childView, KParts::ReadOnlyPart *oldPart, KParts::ReadOnlyPart *newPart)
void viewCompleted (KonqView *view)
void backRightClick ()

Public Member Functions

 KonqView (KonqViewFactory &viewFactory, KonqFrame *viewFrame, KonqMainWindow *mainWindow, const KService::Ptr &service, const KTrader::OfferList &partServiceOffers, const KTrader::OfferList &appServiceOffers, const TQString &serviceType, bool passiveMode)
void openURL (const KURL &url, const TQString &locationBarURL, const TQString &nameFilter=TQString::null, bool tempFile=false)
bool changeViewMode (const TQString &serviceType, const TQString &serviceName=TQString::null, bool forceAutoEmbed=false)
void lockHistory (bool lock=true)
bool canGoBack () const
bool canGoForward () const
int historyPos () const
uint historyLength ()
void go (int steps)
void restoreHistory ()
void setHistoryPos (int newPos)
const TQPtrList< HistoryEntry > & history ()
const HistoryEntryhistoryAt (const int pos)
void copyHistory (KonqView *other)
void setRun (KonqRun *run)
KonqRunrun () const
void stop ()
KURL url () const
KURL upURL () const
TQString locationBarURL () const
TQString typedURL () const
void setTypedURL (const TQString &u)
KonqMainWindow::PageSecurity pageSecurity () const
KParts::ReadOnlyPart * part () const
void partDeleted ()
KParts::BrowserExtension * browserExtension () const
KParts::StatusBarExtension * statusBarExtension () const
KonqFrameframe () const
TQString serviceType () const
TQStringList serviceTypes () const
bool supportsServiceType (const TQString &serviceType) const
bool allowHTML () const
void setAllowHTML (bool allow)
bool isLoading () const
void setLoading (bool loading, bool hasPending=false)
bool isLockedLocation () const
void setLockedLocation (bool b)
bool isPassiveMode () const
void setPassiveMode (bool mode)
bool isHierarchicalView () const
void setHierarchicalView (bool mode)
bool isLinkedView () const
void setLinkedView (bool mode)
void setToggleView (bool b)
bool isToggleView () const
void setFollowActive (bool b)
bool isFollowActive ()
bool isLockedViewMode () const
bool isBuiltinView () const
void setService (const KService::Ptr &s)
KService::Ptr service ()
TQString caption () const
KTrader::OfferList partServiceOffers ()
KTrader::OfferList appServiceOffers ()
KonqMainWindowmainWindow () const
bool callExtensionMethod (const char *methodName)
bool callExtensionBoolMethod (const char *methodName, bool value)
bool callExtensionStringMethod (const char *methodName, TQString value)
bool callExtensionURLMethod (const char *methodName, const KURL &value)
void setViewName (const TQString &name)
TQString viewName () const
void enablePopupMenu (bool b)
bool isPopupMenuEnabled () const
void reparseConfiguration ()
void disableScrolling ()
TQStringList frameNames () const
KonqViewIfacedcopObject ()
void goHistory (int steps)
void setActiveInstance ()
bool prepareReload (KParts::URLArgs &args)
void setLocationBarURL (const KURL &locationBarURL)

Static Public Member Functions

static TQStringList childFrameNames (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *part)
KParts::BrowserHostExtension * 
hostExtension (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *part, const TQString &name)

Protected Slots

void slotStarted (KIO::Job *job)
void slotCompleted ()
void slotCompleted (bool)
void slotCanceled (const TQString &errMsg)
void slotPercent (KIO::Job *, unsigned long percent)
void slotSpeed (KIO::Job *, unsigned long bytesPerSecond)
void slotSelectionInfo (const KFileItemList &items)
void slotMouseOverInfo (const KFileItem *item)
void slotOpenURLNotify ()
void slotEnableAction (const char *name, bool enabled)
void slotSetActionText (const char *name, const TQString &text)
void slotMoveTopLevelWidget (int x, int y)
void slotResizeTopLevelWidget (int w, int h)
void slotRequestFocus (KParts::ReadOnlyPart *)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KonqView::KonqView ( KonqViewFactory viewFactory,
KonqFrame viewFrame,
KonqMainWindow mainWindow,
const KService::Ptr &  service,
const KTrader::OfferList &  partServiceOffers,
const KTrader::OfferList &  appServiceOffers,
const TQString &  serviceType,
bool  passiveMode 

Create a konqueror view

viewFactory the factory to be used to create the part
viewFrame the frame where to create the view
mainWindow is the main window :-)
service the service implementing the part
partServiceOffers list of part offers found by the factory
appServiceOffers list of app offers found by the factory
serviceType the serviceType implemented by the part
passiveMode whether to initially make the view passive

Member Function Documentation

void KonqView::backRightClick (  )  [signal]

Emitted only if the option backRightClick is activated

bool KonqView::canGoBack (  )  const [inline]
true if view can go back
bool KonqView::canGoForward (  )  const [inline]
true if view can go forward
bool KonqView::changeViewMode ( const TQString &  serviceType,
const TQString &  serviceName = TQString::null,
bool  forceAutoEmbed = false 

Change the type of view (i.e. loads a new konqueror view) Contract: the caller should call stop() first,

serviceType the service type we want to show
serviceName allows to enforce a particular service to be chosen,
See also:
void KonqView::copyHistory ( KonqView other  ) 

Creates a deep copy of the other view's history buffers.

KonqFrame* KonqView::frame (  )  const [inline]
a pointer to the KonqFrame which the view lives in
void KonqView::go ( int  steps  ) 

Move in history. +1 is "forward", -1 is "back", you can guess the rest.

const TQPtrList<HistoryEntry>& KonqView::history (  )  [inline]
the history of this view
const HistoryEntry * KonqView::historyAt ( const int  pos  ) 
the HistoryEntry at postion pos
int KonqView::historyPos (  )  const [inline]
the position in the history
TQString KonqView::locationBarURL (  )  const [inline]

Get view's location bar URL, i.e. the one that the view signals It can be different from url(), for instance if we display a index.html

void KonqView::lockHistory ( bool  lock = true  )  [inline]

Call this to prevent next openURL() call from changing history lists Used when the same URL is reloaded (for instance with another view mode)

Calling with lock=false is a hack reserved to the "find" feature.

void KonqView::openURL ( const KURL &  url,
const TQString &  locationBarURL,
const TQString &  nameFilter = TQString::null,
bool  tempFile = false 

Displays another URL, but without changing the view mode (caller has to ensure that the call makes sense)

url the URL to open
locationBarURL the URL to set in the location bar (see setLocationBarURL)
nameFilter e.g. *.cpp
tempFile whether to delete the file after use
KonqMainWindow::PageSecurity KonqView::pageSecurity (  )  const [inline]

Return the security state of page in view

KParts::ReadOnlyPart* KonqView::part (  )  const [inline]
the part embedded into this view
void KonqView::partDeleted (  )  [inline]
void KonqView::restoreHistory (  ) 

Helper function for go() and KonqViewManager

TQString KonqView::serviceType (  )  const [inline]
the servicetype this view is currently displaying
TQStringList KonqView::serviceTypes (  )  const [inline]
the servicetypes this view is capable to display
void KonqView::setIconURL ( const KURL &  iconURL  )  [slot]

get an icon for the URL from the BrowserExtension

void KonqView::setLocationBarURL ( const TQString &  locationBarURL  )  [slot]

Store location-bar URL in the child view and updates the main view if this view is the current one May be different from url e.g. if using "allowHTML".

void KonqView::setRun ( KonqRun run  ) 

Set the KonqRun instance that is running something for this view The main window uses this to store the KonqRun for each child view.

void KonqView::setTypedURL ( const TQString &  u  )  [inline]

Set the URL that was typed to get the current URL.

void KonqView::sigPartChanged ( KonqView childView,
KParts::ReadOnlyPart *  oldPart,
KParts::ReadOnlyPart *  newPart 
) [signal]

Signal the main window that the embedded part changed (e.g. because of changeViewMode)

void KonqView::slotSelectionInfo ( const KFileItemList &  items  )  [protected, slot]

Connected to the BrowserExtension

void KonqView::stop (  ) 

Stop loading

TQString KonqView::typedURL (  )  const [inline]

Get the URL that was typed to get the current URL.

KURL KonqView::url (  )  const

Retrieve view's URL

void KonqView::viewCompleted ( KonqView view  )  [signal]

Emitted in slotCompleted

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