LDAPProtocol Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 LDAPProtocol (const TQCString &protocol, const TQCString &pool, const TQCString &app)
virtual void setHost (const TQString &host, int port, const TQString &user, const TQString &pass)
virtual void openConnection ()
virtual void closeConnection ()
virtual void get (const KURL &url)
virtual void stat (const KURL &url)
virtual void listDir (const KURL &url)
virtual void del (const KURL &url, bool isfile)
virtual void put (const KURL &url, int permissions, bool overwrite, bool resume)
int saslInteract (void *in)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LDAPProtocol::LDAPProtocol ( const TQCString &  protocol,
const TQCString &  pool,
const TQCString &  app 

Initialize the ldap slave

Member Function Documentation

void LDAPProtocol::del ( const KURL &  _url,
bool  isfile 
) [virtual]

Deletes one entry;

void LDAPProtocol::get ( const KURL &  _url  )  [virtual]

Get the information contained in the URL.

void LDAPProtocol::listDir ( const KURL &  _url  )  [virtual]

List the contents of a directory.

void LDAPProtocol::stat ( const KURL &  _url  )  [virtual]

Test if the url contains a directory or a file.

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