ModifiersModule Class Reference

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void changed (bool)

Public Member Functions

 ModifiersModule (TQWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void load (bool useDefaults)
void save ()
void defaults ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setupMacModifierKeys ()

Protected Slots

void slotMacKeyboardClicked ()
void slotMacSwapClicked ()

Protected Member Functions

void initGUI ()
void updateWidgetData ()
void updateWidgets ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_bMacKeyboardOrig
bool m_bMacSwapOrig
TQString m_sLabelCtrlOrig
TQString m_sLabelAltOrig
TQString m_sLabelWinOrig
TQLabel * m_plblCtrl
TQLabel * m_plblAlt
TQLabel * m_plblWin
TQLabel * m_plblWinModX
TQCheckBox * m_pchkMacKeyboard
KListView * m_plstXMods
TQCheckBox * m_pchkMacSwap

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