SMBUrl Class Reference

#include <kio_smb_internal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SMBUrl (const KURL &kurl)
void addPath (const TQString &filedir)
bool cd (const TQString &dir)
SMBUrlType getType () const
void setPass (const TQString &_txt)
void setUser (const TQString &_txt)
void setHost (const TQString &_txt)
TQCString toSmbcUrl () const

Detailed Description

Class to handle URL's it can convert KURL to smbUrl and Handle UserInfo it also check the correctness of the URL

Member Function Documentation

void SMBUrl::addPath ( const TQString &  filedir  ) 

Appends the specified file and dir to this SMBUrl "smb://server/share" --> "smb://server/share/filedir"

SMBUrlType SMBUrl::getType (  )  const

Returns the type of this SMBUrl: SMBURLTYPE_UNKNOWN - Type could not be determined. Bad SMB Url. SMBURLTYPE_ENTIRE_NETWORK - "smb:/" is entire network SMBURLTYPE_WORKGROUP_OR_SERVER - "smb:/mygroup" or "smb:/myserver" URLTYPE_SHARE_OR_PATH - "smb:/mygroupe/mymachine/myshare/mydir"

TQCString SMBUrl::toSmbcUrl (  )  const [inline]

Returns the workgroup if it given in url Returns path after workgroup Return a URL that is suitable for libsmbclient

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