TypesListItem Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 TypesListItem (TQListView *parent, const TQString &major)
 TypesListItem (TypesListItem *parent, KMimeType::Ptr mimetype, bool newItem=false)
 TypesListItem (TQListView *parent, KMimeType::Ptr mimetype)
 TypesListItem (TQListView *parent, KMimeType::Ptr mimetype, bool newItem)
TQString name () const
TQString majorType () const
TQString minorType () const
void setMinor (TQString m)
TQString comment () const
void setComment (TQString c)
bool isMeta () const
bool isEssential () const
TQString icon () const
void setIcon (const TQString &i)
TQStringList patterns () const
void setPatterns (const TQStringList &p)
TQStringList appServices () const
void setAppServices (const TQStringList &dsl)
TQStringList embedServices () const
void setEmbedServices (const TQStringList &dsl)
int autoEmbed () const
void setAutoEmbed (int a)
const KMimeType::Ptr & mimeType () const
bool canUseGroupSetting () const
void getAskSave (bool &)
void setAskSave (bool)
KMimeType::Ptr findImplicitAssociation (const TQString &desktop)
bool isMimeTypeDirty () const
bool isDirty () const
void sync ()
void setup ()
void refresh ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool defaultEmbeddingSetting (const TQString &major)
static void reset ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TypesListItem::TypesListItem ( TQListView *  parent,
const TQString &  major 

Create a filetype group

TypesListItem::TypesListItem ( TypesListItem parent,
KMimeType::Ptr  mimetype,
bool  newItem = false 

Create a filetype item inside a group

TypesListItem::TypesListItem ( TQListView *  parent,
KMimeType::Ptr  mimetype 

Create a filetype item not inside a group (used by keditfiletype)

TypesListItem::TypesListItem ( TQListView *  parent,
KMimeType::Ptr  mimetype,
bool  newItem 

Create a filetype item not inside a group (used by keditfiletype) KDE4: merge with previous

Member Function Documentation

bool TypesListItem::isEssential (  )  const

Returns true if the type is essential, i.e. can't be deleted (see KMimeType::checkEssentialMimeTypes)

bool TypesListItem::isMeta (  )  const [inline]

Returns true if "this" is a group

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