WindowListButton Class Reference

#include <windowlistbutton.h>

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PanelPopupButton PanelButton KickerTip::Client

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Public Member Functions

 WindowListButton (TQWidget *parent)

Protected Member Functions

virtual TQString tileName ()
virtual void initPopup ()

Protected Attributes

KWindowListMenu * topMenu

Detailed Description

Button that contains a windowlist menu

Member Function Documentation

void WindowListButton::initPopup (  )  [protected, virtual]

Called each time the button is clicked and the popup is displayed. Reimplement for dynamic popup menus.

Reimplemented from PanelPopupButton.

virtual TQString WindowListButton::tileName (  )  [inline, protected, virtual]

Subclasses must implement this to define the name of the button which is used to identify this button for saving and loading. It must be unique to the subclass, should not be i18n'd and is never made user visible. KDE4: remove this and use the classname directly instead.

Implements PanelButton.

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