Workspace Class Reference

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Public Slots

void newWorkSheet ()
void loadWorkSheet ()
void loadWorkSheet (const KURL &)
void saveWorkSheet ()
void saveWorkSheet (WorkSheet *sheet)
void saveWorkSheetAs ()
void saveWorkSheetAs (WorkSheet *sheet)
void deleteWorkSheet ()
void removeAllWorkSheets ()
void cut ()
void copy ()
void paste ()
void configure ()
void updateCaption (TQWidget *)
void updateSheetTitle (TQWidget *)
void applyStyle ()


void announceRecentURL (const KURL &url)
void setCaption (const TQString &text, bool modified)

Public Member Functions

 Workspace (TQWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
void saveProperties (KConfig *)
void readProperties (KConfig *)
bool saveOnQuit ()
void showProcesses ()
WorkSheetrestoreWorkSheet (const TQString &fileName, const TQString &newName=TQString::null)
void deleteWorkSheet (const TQString &fileName)

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