/kde/autobuild/kdebase/kioslave/man/man2html.h File Reference

#include <tqcstring.h>

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void scan_man_page (const char *man_page)
void setResourcePath (const TQCString &_htmlPath, const TQCString &_cssPath)
void output_real (const char *insert)
char * read_man_page (const char *filename)

Detailed Description

Despite that this file is installed publically, it should not be included
### KDE4: make this file private

Function Documentation

void output_real ( const char *  insert  ) 

implement this somewhere. It will be called with HTML contents

char* read_man_page ( const char *  filename  ) 

called for requested man pages. filename can be a relative path! Return NULL on errors. The returned char array is freed by man2html

void scan_man_page ( const char *  man_page  ) 

call this with the buffer you have

void setResourcePath ( const TQCString &  _htmlPath,
const TQCString &  _cssPath 

Set the paths to KDE resources

htmlPath Path to the KDE resources, encoded for HTML
cssPath Path to the KDE resources, encoded for CSS

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