About the Trinity Desktop Environment

The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) project is a computer desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems with a primary goal of retaining the overall KDE 3.5 computing style.

Project Goals



The TDE project began as a continuation of the K Desktop Environment (KDE) version 3. The name Trinity was chosen partly because the word means "three" and TDE was a continuation of KDE 3. TDE now is its own computer desktop environment project.

The TDE project was founded by and is still led by Timothy Pearson. Timothy is an experienced and skilled software developer and was the KDE 3.x coordinator of previous Kubuntu releases.

Release dates:

TDE 3.5.11: April 29, 2010.
TDE 3.5.12: October 3, 2010.
TDE 3.5.13: November 1, 2011.
TDE October 10, 2012.
TDE July 21, 2013.
TDE R14.0.0: Anticipated Late Summer/Fall 2013.

NOTE: The Trinity Desktop Environment project is not a continuation of KDE 3.5 by KDE e.V., members of which no longer support the KDE 3 series. Trinity is an independent fork using a separate developer community.