TDE Frequently Asked Questions

The TDE Team

Revision 0.1

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This is a collection of frequently asked questions about the Trinity Desktop Environment. Please report any bugs, inconsistencies, or omissions you find in this FAQ to . Please post questions to the TDE mailing lists. Questions are monitored to help maintain this FAQ.

Table of Contents

1. About this FAQ
2. Introduction
3. Getting TDE
4. Notes about installing TDE
5. The panel
6. The desktop
7. The window manager
8. The File Manager
9. Webbrowsing with Konqueror
10. Configuring TDE
11. TDE applications
12. Troubleshooting sound problems
13. TDE with non-TDE applications
14. Useful tips
15. Miscellaneous questions
16. Qt and Licensing questions
17. Getting more information
18. Asking Questions
19. Contributing
20. Credits and License