2012.01.01: SVN to GIT Migration Complete

The TDE project is proud to announce the completion of its SVN to GIT migration, and the GIT repository is now officially open for public access! In addition to migrating to GIT, the TDE project has also substantially completed a project to rename core TDE libraries so that they do not conflict with core KDE libraries, and has also cleaned up many of the obsolete references to KDE within the source code itself.

For those who have not used the TDE GIT system before, there are brief tutorials available here. As always, if you run into problems join us on IRC or on the mailing lists.

Critical bugfixes and a new feature or two are already present in GIT, and the TDE development team will continue updating the GIT codebase with patches from the bugtracker in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for further updates as we kick off this new year with a modern source control system!

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