2012.06.12: TDE R14 progress update

TDE development is still actively progressing towards the R14 release. As you may be aware, the TDE project has decided to release when ready instead of following a strict release schedule; this decision was made to increase the overall quality of the TDE system and to make it more attractive for use in enterprise environments. Over the past few weeks many critical bugs have been quashed and we are tentatively rescheduling R14 release for Fall 2012.

If you are interested you can roughly follow the development team's progress towards release via this link. When all of the Blocker bugs have been resolved, and a majority (if not all) of the Critical bugs have also been resolved, the TDE codebase can be considered ready for release.

Of course we can always use help in fixing these bugs! If you would like to join in, simpy find a bug on the bugtracker that you think you can fix, grab a copy of our current GIT tree, and hack away. When you think you have the bug fixed, upload your patch to the bug report and we'll look over it for inclusion in the TDE source tree.

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