2012.09.04: Summer Recap

The summer season (in the northern hemisphere), traditionally a time when many people shift paces to enjoy outdoor activities and traveling, begins to close. Despite this traditional change of pace the past three months, Trinity development continued at a methodical pace. From June 1 to August 31 there were 131 bug reports or enhancement requests resolved in the bug tracker, as well as issues resolved through discussion in the developer's mailing list.

During the past several months, many changes occurred in the upstream free/libre software world, such as changes to GCC, GLIBC, GLIB2, LIBPNG, FFMPEG, HAL, etc. Those changes occurred in rapid succession and close proximity. Resolving Trinity related issues has been challenging.

The Trinity development team kept pace. The online Patches web page shows the progress of resolving those challenges: http://www.trinitydesktop.org/patches/

As autumn knocks on the doors of life, Trinity development continues:

* The SRU (Stable Release Update) is only a few patches away from being released with official tarballs.

* A slew of TDEHWLIB updates were committed to the GIT development branch. TDEHWLIB is the eventual Trinity hardware detection layer replacement for HAL, and is already able to fully replace HAL in most areas.

* Network-manager improvements were committed to the GIT development branch.

* Koffice, K3B, and Gwenview i18n sources were committed to the GIT development branch.

* The R14 development branch was overhauled with XDG compliance updates. Trinity is now a recognized XDG environment.

* Comprehensive branding overhaul.

The Trinity development team has adopted a "release when ready" approach but tentatively are focused on releasing R14.0.0 in the fall of 2012. Also, the previously mentioned LDAP/Kerberos tools remain available in the TDE bounty program, with more information available on the TDE RFE page

The Trinity development team hopes you enjoyed your summer. Soon in the northern hemisphere the leaves will turn color and in the southern hemisphere, leaves will sprout. Please enjoy the seasonal changes and thank you for being a member of this community!

--The Trinity News Team

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