2012.11.03: Trinity News Update for October 2012

Trinity News Update for October 2012
*** Trinity News ***

As might be noticed from the commits web page, Tim is modernizing the TQt3 style
engine to be used natively with other toolkits such as Qt4 and GTK3. A sample image
is available in the developer mail list archives:


The bugzilla bug tracker now has voting enabled. Each account has five votes. Those
votes may be reallocated when bug reports are resolved and closed or to different
bug reports as users change their minds. Please use this feature to help track bug

Patches in the development branch are being tracked in bug report 1262 for back
porting to an eventual release.

The next official major release will be R14.0.0. A road map is available for review
in the etherpad section.

*** Enhancement Requests Fulfilled ***

1130 Branch v3.5.13-sru -- Additional commits/fixes

*** Formal Bug Reports Resolved ***

1284 Build issue: kwin is renamed to twin but BUILD_KWIN flag doesn't
1278 Build issue: tdenetwork cmake conversion lacks support for OpenSLP or XMMS
1274 Build issue: Incorrect position idn into
1254 Build issue: amarok does not build with xine-libs 1.2
1253 Build issue: abakus missing application icon
1248 Broken KPowersave icons
1247 Selecting "Monitor and Display" causes freeze
1243 Build issue: kdesdk FTBFS
1242 Build issue: kdenetwork does not detect wireless-tools 30
1241 Build issue: kdenetwork FTBFS
1236 Build issue: koffice FTBFS on 64-bit
1186 Build issue: kpowersave(-nohal) FTBFS without HAL
1119 Multiple FTBFS (k3b, k9copy, krusader, kchmviewer) issues post glibc 2.16
1111 [Regression] K3B: Fails to recognize certain ISO images
1070 Build issue: tdebindings FTBFS with ruby 1.9.3
1050 Build issue: tdebase FTBFS against Qt3
989 Documents directory expand into System menu broken.
978 Build issue: kdebindings java support does not build with openjdk 1.7.0
862 kate: update C++ syntax highlighting support to recognize TQT commands
789 Build issue: kaffiene: does not detect header files in subdirectories
735 Build issue: KOffice: FTBFS with ruby 1.9.1 installed
721 Build issue: Koffice will not build with poppler or ruby support
694 Help/Handbook files still reference KDE
633 Wiki Logo Needs Updating
598 Build issue: tdenetwork will not build on Slackware with wifi support
597 Build issue: tdebindings FTBFS on Ruby 1.9 without patches
586 3.5.13 regression: kio-locate-trinity doesn't show any results in Konqueror

*** Other Bugs Resolved and Patches ***

Commit No. Description
========== ===========

fad7c06d [tde-style-lipstik] Use widget info structs instead of direct widget
access where possible
af6b35e2 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
294ec2ee [qt3] Add parent toolbar information to style info structs
04171359 [tellico] Fix FTBFS due to missing LIBXML_LIBS
592d3b63 [tellico] Fix 'format not a string literal' error
c3b6defe [smartcardauth] Fix FTBFS
b0bd2889 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
289363b9 [qt3] Add public set methods to QMenuItem
960121b3 [tde-style-qtcurve] Update to new style API
0be8c502 [tde-style-lipstik] Update to new style API
f16f8eb6 [tdeartwork] Update styles for new API
1730af22 [tqtinterface] Add TQMetaEnum to tqt.h.
98c8bffc [tqtinterface] Add TQ_ENUMS to tqt.h.
affd77b6 [tdegraphics] Add help comments to CMakeLists.txt.
c6aa0957 [tdebase] Add help comments to CMakeLists.txt.
af82583a [tdeartwork] Add help comments to CMakeLists.txt.
884e5fa2 [tdelibs] Update to new style API
af88555e [rosegarden] Fix FTBFS due to missing link to fontconfig
2fce7314 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
a5ced706 [qt3] Add new style hints for enhanced third party style compatibility
5f918c68 [kvirc] Fix arts detection due to missing -lmcop
3fc5e3c3 [ktechlab] Fix build without gpsim
aa0e597d [koffice] Fix FTBFS on TQt3
30a39265 [tde-style-qtcurve] Update for style API
8c8a5b7f [tde-style-lipstik] Update style
ccef52cd [tdeartwork] Update styles
d26d6ac2 [tdelibs] Style update
0836d464 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
69429dcf [qt3] Add new style primatives for enhanced third party style compatibility
27ccd2aa [tdewebdev] Fix FTBFS on TQt3
2440b621 [tdevelop] Fix FTBFS with TQt3
7b29b836 [tdegames] Fix FTBFS on TQt3
de9980a5 [tdebindings] Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file.
d2b03dad [koffice] Fix some "is not defined" warnings.
10f16917 [tdeutils] Fix some "is not defined" warnings.
ec566dbe [kchmviewer] Fix FTBFS due to missing QT_LDFLAGS
756f3ebf [tdegames] Fix ""HAVE_ARTS"" is not defined warning messages.
222c53bf [kaffeine] Add support for xine 1.2 libraries
c8804353 [amarok] Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file
9241945d [amarok] Fix FTBFS due to system scriptmanager.h
af8d937e [amarok] Add conditionnal inotify support
e566a4be [koffice] Fix Ruby 1.9.x shared library test without pkgconfig file
5d27227c [koffice] Fix koffice FTBFS on 64-bit.
cfc258b0 [libksquirrel] Fix doc installation directory
388cb22e [tqtinterface] Add TQTIPLABEL_OBJECT_NAME_STRING
224fb75b [tqtinterface] Add TQTOOLTIP_OBJECT_NAME_STRING
3144ada2 [tdenetwork] Add missing file from previous commit 10026753.
10026753 [tdenetwork] Added XMMS support to CMake.
970116b1 [tqt3] Regenerate moc files
f73a9dc1 [yakuake] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
dc12b31a [twin-style-crystal] Add automake support for
57607a15 [tellico] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
b2aedca2 [tde-systemsettings] Add automake support for
f266fb5f [tde-style-lipstik] Add automake support for
345dbf0b [soundkonverter] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
db146035 [smb4k] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
7142857b [rosegarden] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
6ca04ccd [potracegui] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
8ab29ecb [kvpnc] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
8732c4db [kvkbd] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
87a41310 [ktorrent] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
f3a0bf5b [ktechlab] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
56adbdb3 [ksystemlog] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
a573ff53 [ksquirrel] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
a81c04b7 [krusader] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
c687151f [krename] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
97bf7526 [tderadio] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
1f7396a9 [kpilot] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
2afd0012 [konversation] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
ef96ac8e [koffice] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
24a7a1ec [knutclient] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
fc792bca [knowit] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
e6242955 [knights] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
1b3d219d [knetstats] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
11835f42 [knemo] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
e75f6e0d [kmyfirewall] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
08ba4135 [kiosktool] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
6af58827 [kima] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
774bbe19 [kile] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
e18e0d83 [kdmtheme] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
80721d2e [kdirstat] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
20029be8 [kdiff3] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
bb32a9fc [kcpuload] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
73fcafe7 [kcmautostart] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
06efaf1c [kchmviewer] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
1df4fa81 [kbookreader] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
32bc4202 [kbfx] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
11b4233c [kbarcode] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
2e04f6c7 [katapult] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
6cdec267 [k9copy] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
929d8267 [filelight] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
6fda3a41 [basket] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
8a511b5a [tdewebdev] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
17ec9832 [tdebindings] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
6ca7c749 [tdemultimedia] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
fbc8a821 [tdeedu] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
a263f53f [tdeaddons] Add automake support for --enable-gcc-hidden-visibility.
354555a2 [tdenetwork] Added OpenSLP support to CMake
93dc8723 [tdenetwork] Fix various cmake build issues
f425336e [tdenetwork] Fix unwanted rename icon with automake
4a8e66dd [tdenetwork] Added test of the presence libgadu with automake
60a2cf42 [tdenetwork] Remove if_ppp errors with automake
5df439b2 [tdenetwork] Remove nuisance unsermake warning with automake
a02874aa [gtk-qt-engine] Fix a couple of glitches in tabs and dropdown lists
69d7acf7 [tdevelop] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
a1fbf300 [tdewebdev] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
af109798 [tdesdk] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
7a46add9 [tdepim] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
d8cc9f12 [tdenetwork] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
9629c73d [tdegraphics] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
88437440 [tde-style-qtcurve] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
e209c957 [tdesvn] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
e69feee1 [kpowersave-nohal] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
f932984e [kpowersave] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
6ef120bb [amarok] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
9933a430 [kio-locate] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
39806505 [kgtk-qt3] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
1ef0dc65 [gtk-qt-engine] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
36b3911e [dolphin] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
24c0008f [abakus] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
54971dae [tdeartwork] Add cmake support for WITH_GCC_VISIBILITY.
7227f5a3 [koffice] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
7ccb7f8d [koffice] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
dd6dd9e2 [kmymoney] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
f8877adf [koffice] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
5bc3aedd [tdeutils] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
f8114bd0 [ksystemlog] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
a88a5128 [kchmviewer] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
6772b0d3 [piklab] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
28319c42 [tdegraphics] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
40712e06 [tdelibs] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
eed075ad [tdewebdev] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
c8388916 [tdevelop] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
c353f609 [tdenetwork] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
d7c92904 [tderadio] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
878b9f48 [kvirc] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
9cff029f [amarok] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
5e8825ec [kmymoney] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
b5520771 [koffice] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
55c159d9 [kpowersave-nohal] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
6a79b632 [kpowersave] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
9319ac57 [kvpnc] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
482480ca [koffice] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
f5d2a520 [tdegames] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
58811bfb [tdeedu] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
64483e4e [tdeaddons] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
9541c533 [tdeadmin] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
1ec1567d [tdepim] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
5ab422f1 [tdeaccessibility] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
5c532b68 [tdeaddons] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
c0c2d376 [dolphin] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
40220afb [kpowersave-nohal] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
74d7a831 [kvirc] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
94e4a06e [kvpnc] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
6c0bef82 [ktorrent] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
53216baf [tdepim] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
af98a090 [tdeutils] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
1ba4ed64 [tdelibs] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
319d2167 [tdegames] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
f862b053 [tdegames] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
00a35c03 [tdelibs] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
74898e97 [kpowersave] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
adb47a7c [kpowersave-nohal] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
1408f1d2 [dolphin] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
0344d70b [kpowersave-nohal] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
653be9f0 [tdenetwork] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
7599bd50 [tdemultimedia] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
1c58f5a1 [dbus-tqt] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
3b5ab1e2 [knetworkmanager8] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
cf33cddc [amarok] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
ccb576aa [tdesdk] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
3d1c7581 [tdevelop] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
f65902c0 [koffice] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
b7ece061 [tdegraphics] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
5be9ca7e [tdeedu] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
fc01e96e [tdewebdev] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
10364dc8 [koffice] Remove unnecessary language.
1e2cd75f [tdesdk] Remove unnecessary language.
8ba55532 [tde-i18n] Remove unnecessary language.
84c06bb0 [kmymoney] Remove unnecessary language.
8117add6 [koffice] Remove unnecessary language.
88249f17 [tdepim] Remove unnecessary language.
ae7f408f [tdelibs] Remove unnecessary language.
2cc19539 [tdevelop] Remove unnecessary language.
6e428cdb [tdenetwork] Remove unnecessary language.
c3646a7d [kpowersave] Remove unnecessary language.
96de5110 [kvirc] Remove unnecessary language.
22bc9833 [konversation] Remove unnecessary language.
35d73abd [amarok] Remove unnecessary language.
1f04c371 [ksystemlog] Remove unnecessary language.
fc325dd9 [kpowersave-nohal] Remove unnecessary language.
ffc74f03 [tdevelop] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
12583b3c [kstreamripper] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
afa908a7 [kpilot] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
83ab1fda [rosegarden] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
2efa1600 [knutclient] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
ed744932 [kima] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
645e07e2 [konversation] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
90c2aebe [kbarcode] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
4c24fca1 [amarok] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
85d014f7 [kchmviewer] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
48b788a9 [kdirstat] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
9a047f7a [adept] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
a02b9b38 [koffice] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
d581c97c [tdelibs] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
af12abdf [tdeaddons] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
48cca5fc [tdemultimedia] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
d554f8fe [sip4-tqt] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
29f9a839 [tdegames] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
d08e3983 [tdepim] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
3c23da21 [tdeedu] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
a981b85c [tdewebdev] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
5d9a593c [tdelibs] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
a3562a94 [tqscintilla] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
2b8c8b40 [tdebase] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
dae1f24c [tdenetwork] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
c1d5a6ad [tdeartwork] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
d8aafdb1 [basket] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
c21c4a8f [kvirc] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
5eeae05d [smb4k] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
61933b09 [krusader] Fix inadvertent tqt changes.
34a77b2f [kdirstat] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
3207e9dd [koffice] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
e7ef301a [tdegraphics] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
307fd320 [rosegarden] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
653a31f8 [tdepim] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
5a165080 [tdeaddons] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
f09b5165 [tdesdk] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
cb75118a [tdeedu] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
f9c7aadc [tdenetwork] Fix inadvertent tq changes.
eefed2bb [tdeartwork] Fix BUILD_KWIN_STYLES->BUILD_TWIN_STYLES.
684544c4 [tdebase] Fix BUILD_KWIN->BUILD_TWIN.
f3f38722 [tde-i18n] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
47dd01bc [tdewebdev] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
4ee9bc52 [tdevelop] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
890298da [tdeutils] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
d3fa742c [tdesdk] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
d4bd6762 [tdepim] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
72d6005a [tdenetwork] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
e0e5d41d [tdegraphics] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
df8465fe [tdegames] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
7c4c3344 [tdeedu] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
dd066e0d [tdebindings] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
03e5e287 [tdebase] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
fe437615 [tdelibs] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
eea8d7af [python-tqt] Update TQt3 property/enum macros
f8d69a23 [tqtinterface] Update for latest tqt3 commit
7608f004 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
5759106d [experimental] Convert property/enum macros to TQ syntax
edec8306 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
22d1ab9e [qt3] Fix tdebindings FTBFS
bf94fa1c [tdelibs] Update kate syntax highlighting files.
dc6c9f70 [tde-style-qtcurve] Do not use direct widget access when drawing tabs
and popup menus
001fa243 [tde-style-lipstik] Do not use direct widget access when drawing tabs
and popup menus
7bcedaa7 [tdeartwork] Do not use direct widget access when drawing tabs and popup
fb2b1442 [tdelibs] Do not use direct widget access when drawing tabs and popup menus
691129fb [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
4037eb7e [qt3] Add tab corner widget information to style data structures
8edde78b [qt4-tqt-theme-engine] Only repaint for widgets which support prelighting
fc0c74f6 [koffice] Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file
e1592357 [koffice] Fix building with Ruby 1.9.1 or 1.9.3.
2f8924b0 [amarok] Fix typo.
1973b023 [tdemultimedia] Fix linking xine_artsplugin with pthread
56474575 [tdemultimedia] Fix XDG music menu
8e1d1367 [tde-style-lipstik] Use internal Qt hover drawing
2ed8f9ad [tdelibs] Use internal Qt hover widget drawing
0e044c1a [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
f209ff4b [qt3] Move hover widget code into the Qt core instead of the styles
ff2caed1 [tqt3] Automated update from Qt3
4f8eb041 [qt3] Add WAR_SetDefault and friends
a151a4d4 [tdelibs] Image branding updates.
d82d0796 [tdeartwork] Image branding updates.
c60ec5ce [tdeaccessibility] Image branding update.
d3128ab2 [tdegraphics] Fix missed headers installation
7ae3a9e8 [tdegraphics] Fix poppler-tqt include and library dir in pkgconfig file
6fb56696 [tdebase] Fix blank optical media labeling
1f79e531 [tdebase] Fix invalid [$e] in displayconfig.desktop
e5a2da23 [tdeartwork] Fix 'locolor' theme name
4d7f4e86 [tdebindings] Fix dcopc headers location
c20f47db [tdesdk] Find for 'flex' or 'lex' to build kbabel
8d45a64d [amarok] Add build support for xine 1.2.
e832e716 [abakus] Fix missing application icon.
115acc39 [tdebindings] Fix build on Ruby 1.9.x without pkgconfig file
8bc366d9 [kpowersave-nohal] Remove spurious HAL check
ecbb9fba [tqtinterface] Fix FTBFS in tdebase
252626fa [tdesdk] Remove unnecessary language.
4120a763 [tdebase] Fix classic mode screensavers
2771be62 [tdelibs] Fix KRootBacking failure when no window is displayed
6113b0c6 [knetworkmanager9] Fix FTBFS
7b164186 [kpowersave-nohal] Use high quality icons for 16x16 tray size
b45e2d54 [kpowersave] Use high quality icons for 16x16 tray size
ea31ec69 [kpowersave-nohal] Reload icon when tray size changes
301ec193 [kpowersave] Reload icon when tray size changes
989ae9f3 [kpowersave-nohal] Use TDE HW backend to gather standard CPU information
08bbf7c8 [tdelibs] Set max and min frequency to current frequency when no CPU
governor is available
7abcdb66 [tdelibs] Add core number to CPU information structure
670343f4 [tdebase] Fix minor inconsistent CPU info dialog text
42901cac [website] Add release
18268217 [website] Ensure empty directories stay in GIT
62ee6c91 [website] Initial import
24432263 [tdebase] Update migratekde3 script to execute sed using xargs
f88add0a [tdebase] Update migratekde3 script to avoid changes in other user data
f1973e46 [tdebase] Add missing What's This tooltip for shutdown options.
ad8633f6 [tdebase] Changed sanity checks in the migratekde3 script
cd5758b7 [tdeadmin] Update network configuration support for Slackware 14.
aeadb0bc [tdebase] Update r14-xdg-update script to support user's Quanta Plus
8e467d8b [tdelibs] Report serial number of ARM processor
10070eb9 [tdelibs] Detect CPU information when cpufreq only partially implemented
7fd6a117 [tdelibs] Detect CPUs in a more reliable fashion

*** Patches Added But Not Yet Committed ***

1296 KControl: Provide GUI check box control for tdmrc AllowRootLogin
1271 Build issue: tdepim/kitchensync will not build against opensync >= 0.39
1269 Build issue: libtqt-perl builds smoke support even when tdebindings has that
1268 Konqueror: No GUI control exists for controlling whether to display archives
as folders
1263 Amarok: db-setup links in first run wizard need fixed
1262 Build issue: several FTBFS building TDE
1259 gtk-qt-engine: Change cache file location
1256 Quanta "Missing Apps" incorrect links
1245 KDM displays garbage
1197 kdeeject improvements
1179 Obsolete link in Kmail OpenPGP passphrase dialog
1175 xpdf is not updated with latest sources
1067 Konqueror: Tab popup context menu does not include Move Tab Left/Right options
1054 Build issue: soundkonverter FTBFS without --with-extra-includes
1040 Build issue: tdenetwork and amarok FTBFS with GIT commit 477d071b
910 Konqueror: Add check box to control mouse wheel cycling over tab bar
909 Konsole: Add check box to control mouse wheel cycling over tab bar
895 konqueror tabs - close tab not shown on hover / Advanced tab setting broken
774 Konqueror user agent spoofs are woefully out of date
258 ksmserver: Logout confirmation fadeaway is too slow with older hardware
230 Amarok Keyboard Shortcuts Do Not Work Correctly

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