2013.01.06: Trinity News Update for December 2012

*** Formal Bug Reports Resolved ***

1366 Some insane variables are passed to kde4 applications.
1358 glib main loop integration problems
1355 kpdf crashes
1354 twin fails when dcop resumeWindow is called
1351 tdeioslaves with hal FTBFS
1310 initial cmake support for tdeutils
1286 WITH_SUDO_KDESU_BACKEND option is present it tdelibs but wasn't defined and described
1280 migratekde3 and r14-xdg-update scripts are install independently to any build rule.
1055 On some pages Konqueror very like crashes
737 Kmail - Unable to complete LIST operation
607 Kicker doesn't show windows with size <= 5 pixels
283 search field in KDE main menu is slow
85 Kmix for KDE4 conflicts with kmix for KDE3

*** Other Bugs Resolved and Patches ***

Commit No. Description
========== ===========

ce3da132 [tdebase] Fix media:/ tdeioslave handling of audio CDs. Allow separate settings for each taskbar applet. Add mouse-driven Kicker resize support
1ae857ee [tdelibs] Allow arguments to be passed to embedded kcontrol modules
f5c55ca4 [tdebase] Fix KWin->TWin branding.
7adc7115 [tdetoys] Fix FTBFS.
0ef12d60 [tdebase] Add preliminary taskbar task state support
55c907ad [tdebase] Unset/set NETWM shading state around minimizing. Based on KDE GIT commit 8a02a383
dd89b1bd [tdebase] Update r14-xdg-update
53a83b95 [tdebase] Update migratekde3: pass to sed only files that need to be modified
0b26938b [tdelibs] Add sudo kdesu backend option to CMake. This resolves Bug 1286
5356a834 [tdelibs] Fix variables passed to kde4 applications. This resolves Bug 1366
48724f4b [tdebase] Update starttde: Fix paths setting
0f891721 [tdebase] Fix cmake build: unconditioned installation of migratekde3 and xdg-r14-update
c39fc3e2 [tdebase] Fix cmake build: FTBFS on tdeioslaves with hal
0756aab5 [tdelibs] Allow KDirLister to obtain the underlying local file path of a KIO forwarded item (if it exists). This allows the media:/ and system:/ tdeioslaves to actually refresh when the underlying (forwarded) filesystem is changed!
65c85dca [tdebase] Fix POP3 mailcheck aborting because of internal memory errors. Backported from KDE SVN commit 1156867 This resolves Bug 737
0a039a72 [tdelibs] Fix FTBFS
81132106 [libtdeldap] Fix kadmin interface
9b5b8566 [kcmldapmanager] Fix invalid DN error on startup when default realm is not set
937cb8d1 [kcmldapcontroller] Fix up kadmin interface
e36ec815 [scripts] Fix script
7b7565e7 [kcmldapcontroller] Fix LDAP primary realm creation failure. Clean up build warnings
f19aa203 [qt3] Ensure that a valid DPI is always set
8c91b5f0 [scripts] Add astyle options
a81c2d06 [tdelibs] Clean up tdefilemetainfo include warning
1c14feca [tdelibs] Work around Bug 1161
726c6100 [tdebase] Make shadow settings slightly less confusing
ba743d36 [tdeutils] Fix cmake build: WITH_POWERBOOK2 option for kmilo
1cac8a5e [tdebase] Fix kompmgr shadow support. Add kompmgr settings reload method to twin DCOP. Fix up kompmgr kcontrol module. Make default TDM login screen appearance more like the rest of the TDE login system
72eba914 [qt3] Fix X11 fd polling initialization in glib main loop. This resolves Bug 1358
cee30658 [tdebase] Update r14--xdg-update error traps, comments, and add renaming snippets removed from migratekde3 script.
58584fa6 [tdebase] Update migratekde3 error traps, comments, and remove renaming snippets.
28ff5585 [tdeutils] Fix cmake build: FTBFS with CMake older than 2.8.1
c2cf6015 [scripts] Remove ignore-submodules flag from git commands in order to support older GIT versions
a7865cf6 [qt3] Fix glib event loop threading
9bff9eee [qt3] Add level method to recursive mutex. Enhance thread safety when making event calls. Minor cleanup of whitespace in glib event loop
85b3c5d0 [qt3] Maintain binary compatibility when switching between glib event loop and standard event loop
caf80d88 [qt3] Add threading tutorial and fix a couple rare crashes
78125ea2 [qt3] Add real threading support, including per-thread event loops, to QThread
15cf9762 [dbus-1-tqt] Fix crash on hibernate
87a4e1a8 [website] Fix RSS feed
95dd4739 [scripts] Updating git scripts
23ca4aa1 [website] Add November news to RSS feed.
57b56bb3 [tdebase] Fix DCOP interface to window suspend/resume functions. This resolves Bug 1354
4d27580b [tderadio] Update presets files.
2c2b3075 [tellico] Silence GNU make warnings.
1dbcf2f9 [tdebindings] Silence GNU make warnings.
26e72a7d [dbus-1-tqt] Update AUTHORS file
7aa5ac7f [qt3] Fix a number of build warnings that could lead to unstable operation. This breaks the ABI
d77215db [tdelibs] Update version number in README file
786e248c [tdebase] Add backtrace to kdesktop_lock exception handler
4a9ef272 [gtk3-tqt-engine] Fix checkbox drawing. Fix tree view background drawing

*** Patches Added But Not Yet Committed ***

1365 Build Issue:initial cmake support for konversation
1361 Konqueror provides no GUI control to ignore favicons
1360 Akregator provides no GUI control to disable automatic loading of images
1352 tderadio3: radio presets are obsoletes

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