2015.10.19: Trinity Desktop Project Public Infrastructure Updates

The Trinity Desktop Project is pleased to announce several enhancements to its infrastructure components. In particular, the patchset and autobuild systems have been completely rewritten and updated to run on a much tighter period -- the list of patches is now updated every 15 minutes, and most autobuilds will be triggered within 15 minutes of a related GIT commit.

We have also deployed a new mirror redirector courtesy of Slávek Banko; this redirector uses information from the master TDE services to make mirroring decisions, but is located in a region with more stable Internet service and higher available bandwidth. This new redirector will ride through any short-duration outages of the master services with no problems whatsoever, and should alleviate some of the long-standing package installation issues reported to the list.

As mentioned on the mailing list the nightly builds are now available by invitation only. This decision was made to reduce extremely high bandwidth usage from the master servers that was degrading service for all users. If you are a TDE developer, high-level financial contributor, or are active on the bugtracker, you may contact Timothy Pearson to request access. Please include details of why you would like to install the nightly builds, for example if you are testing a patch for an issue reported on the bugtracker or need support for a newer Linux distribution.

QuickBuild has received a hardware update, with 4 new x86 builders and 1 new ppc64el builder now online. This should help ensure timely builds for all supported distributions, and help the TDE developers avoid introducing build issues into the source tree.

The Trinity Desktop Project would also like to thank those individuals that donated to help offset the cost of the recent server repairs. Services have been stable now for several days with no early signs of failure recurrence appearing.

Errata and Corrections
The source tarballs for TDE R14.0.1 were incorrectly generated using the master GIT tree at R14.0.1 release. This error was caught by one of our more astute long-time users, and updated tarballs were published a couple of weeks ago. While this issue likely did not affect the majority of our userbase, those building R14.0.1 from source should verify the sha512sums of the downloaded tarballs against the list on the main TDE website to verify that they have the correct source version.

Contribute to the TDE Project
Creating TDE requires significant computing resources and bandwidth. Please consider helping to keep us online with a donation on our donations page. Without your financial assistance, TDE would not be possible!

Press Contact Information
Project Founder/Administrator: Timothy Pearson, kb9vqf@pearsoncomputing.net

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